p7zip 9.04

Powerful command line compression tool


  • Supports many formats
  • Allows you to preview contents


  • No user interface

Not bad

p7zip is the Mac version of the popular Windows decompression application 7-Zip. Note that it doesn't have a user interface - instead it operates only from a command line using Terminal.

However, there is a user interface provided by a separate program called Ez7z, which helps if you're not familiar with Terminal and command lines. p7zip allows you to create compressed files, add and remove files as a compressed package, unpack packages, view package contents, and even preview them to see if they are working properly.

The great thing is that p7zip supports a huge number of compression formats so it's very flexible. The obvious downside though is that it only runs using command lines. For more information on the available commands, simply type /Volumes/p7zip/7za in the Mac terminal.

p7zip is a powerful compression tool that is ideal for those who know how to use Terminal, but will prove tricky to understand by many due to the lack of user interface.



p7zip 9.04

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